1. n пила

circular saw — круглая пила

cross-cut saw — поперечная пила

saw bow — лучок пилы

saw tooth — зуб пилы

arm saw — ручная пила

web saw — рамная пила

gate saw — рамная пила

2. n полотно пилы

parallel circular saw — набор дисковых пил на одном шпинделе

twin vertebral saw — анатомическая позвоночная двойная пила

carcass splitting saw — пила для продольной распиловки туш

hollow circular saw — дисковая пила с поднутренным торцом

beef saw — пила для разделения говяжьих туш на полутуши

3. v пилить, распиливать

to saw down — спилить

to saw a log in half — распилить бревно пополам

the trees were stripped of their bark and mechanically sawn into planks — с деревьев содрали кору и распилили их на доски

to saw six inches off the legs of a table — подпилить ножки стола на шесть дюймов

he sawed an inch off the barrel of his gun to make it easier to draw — он спилил ствол своего пистолета на дюйм, чтобы его было легче выхватывать

4. v пилиться

this kind of wood does not saw easily — этот сорт дерева трудно пилится

5. v пиликать

to saw on the fiddle — пиликать на скрипке

6. n изречение, афоризм; поговорка, пословица

old saw — старая пословица

Синонимический ряд:
1. cutting tool (noun) circular saw; cutting tool; hacksaw; handsaw; jigsaw; keyhole saw; saber saw; tool; wood saw
2. saying (noun) adage; aphorism; byword; maxim; proverb; saying; word
3. beheld (verb) beheld; descried; discerned; distinguished; espied; marked; minded; noted; noticed; observed; perceived; remarked; twigged; viewed
4. cut (verb) chop; cut; cut to length; lop; prune; rend; sever; shape; trim
5. discovered (verb) ascertained; caught on; determined; discovered; found out; heard; learned; tumbled; unearthed
6. foresaw (verb) anticipated; divined; envisioned; forefelt; foreknew; foresaw; visualized
7. guided (verb) conducted; directed; escorted; guided; led; piloted; routed; showed; steered
8. had (verb) experienced; go through; had; knew; meet with; suffered; sustained; tasted; underwent
9. looked (verb) looked; minded; watched
10. saw (verb) accepted; apprehended; caught; compassed; comprehended; dated; fathomed; followed; grasped; made out; make out; read; saw; take in; took; took in; took out; tumbled to; understood
11. stopped (verb) called; come by; drop by; drop in; look in; look up; pop in; run in; stopped
12. thought (verb) conceived; envisaged; envisioned; fancied; fantasised; featured; imaged; imagined; pictured; projected; realized; thought; visioned; visualised
13. visited (verb) came by; came over; dropped by; dropped in; looked in; looked up; popped in; ran in; stepped in; stopped by; stopped in; visited

English-Russian base dictionary . 2014.

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